Great German Bake Off (2015)

In order to end the year on a Christmassy note, here is a report on the University of Manchester’s annual ‘Great German Bake Off’.


IMG_2197Now in its 4th incarnation, the Great German Bake Off has gone from strength to strength, attracting over 10 entries this year. The rules state that the entries must be prepared and baked by the students and also be related to a German-speaking country. Cakes were the most popular entries this year, including a delicious multi-layered Schokoladenkuchen and a cake in the shape of Schloss Neuschwanstein.

IMG_2206There could, however, only be one winner and the esteemed panel of judges selected the wonderful ‘Battenberg Gate’ as their first choice. This was certainly not a question of style over substance, as ‘Battenberg Gate’ was not only detailed in its design and execution, but also very, very tasty. The decision was not without controversy. Battenberg originates in the UK, but was, after all, named in honour of the royal wedding of Princess Victoria and the German Prince Louis of Battenberg. In any case, there is no doubting the cake’s German inspiration.


Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch from the NWGN!