Kölsch und Kultur: DAAD study trip to Cologne/Bonn

NWGNCologneOver the Easter break 2015, 15 lucky students from the University of Manchester, teamed with 15 peers from the University of Nottingham, set off to spend ten full days in the city of Cologne and the neighbouring city of Bonn together with their DAAD-Lektoren Eva Adelseck (University of Manchester) and Sascha Stollhans (University of Nottingham). The trip was fully funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures (SALC). The students had a great time exploring the two cities and local museums, immersing themselves in German food culture, visiting the world-wide broadcasting station of Deutsche Welle, taking a boat trip on the Rhine, producing their own radio broadcasts at the University of Bonn, visiting the stunning castle Schloss Drachenburg, getting to know German A-Level students at the Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium in Bonn, watching a modern adaptation of the 1779 Lessing play Nathan der Weise and familiarising themselves with the night life in Cologne.

For any German speaker, an account of those fun-packed ten days can be found on the students’ blog. Feel free to give it a read or just browse the pictures!