Defying Dementia: A panel discussion

On Thursday, January 26th 2017, the panel discussion Defying Dementia took place at the Peter Scott Gallery at Lancaster University. The event was chaired by Nick Fragel and saw Austrian author Arno Geiger, clinical researcher Dr Penny Foulds and Professor of Design Paul Rodgers come together and discuss ways of living with dementia.


In a lively dialogue with the audience, the panel placed equal importance on scientific advances as well as language and the arts in defeating dementia and compared the state of affairs in the UK and Austria. They stressed how vital it is to make information about dementia more accessible and to remove the stigma of this disease.


In an especially moving part of the evening, Arno Geiger shared memories of his late father who lived with dementia for over ten years. Arno Geiger’s autobiographical ‘The Old King in His Exile’ is a testimony to these memories. For more information about the author and his work go to: