February 21: Melbourne/Manchester Collaborative Research “Censorship in the GDR”



Melbourne/Manchester Collaborative Research

Censorship under Communism: Institutions and Agents of Control in Literary Communication in the German Democratic Republic


First Workshop

Manchester 21 February 2017

10.30am – 5pm

Venue: C138, Ellen Wilkinson Building

(Meeting Room HCRI)



10.30 Alison Lewis and Steve Parker: Introduction to the Project

10.45 Alison Lewis: The Stasi’s book reviewers: Aesthetic gatekeepers, ideological police or members of a secret surveillance society?

11.30 Matthew Philpotts: The Role of the Editor of the Literary Journal

12.30-2.00 Lunch at Whitworth Art Gallery Cafe

2.00-2.45 Cathy Gelbin: Stefan Heym, East Germany’s Dissident Number One: A Life under Surveillance

2.45-3.30 Kate Hiepko: Medical Journals in the GDR

3.30-4.15 Steve Parker, Self-control, Control, Out of Control? Brecht and the Channelling of Literary Communication in the early GDR

4.15-5.00 Concluding reflections and forward planning