Austrian Artist Petra Sterry in Liverpool


Join established Austrian artist Petra Sterry for a workshop in the Language Lounge in 1-7 Abercromby Square at the University of Liverpool on Tuesday (20 February 2018) where she will exhibit the work created with students as part of The Elastic Self postcard project, followed by a drop-in for all students.
Life is elastic: It makes us dream, it makes us laugh, it throws us back. Flexibility is a necessary instrument to navigate through everyday life. Your own experience is like a handwriting: it is personal, unique, unmistakable. The Elastic Self is a postcard project: A written thought on a postcard, a drawing, a newspaper cutting… What makes you laugh? What is your most extraordinary experience? Are you courageous? Do you sometimes give yourself courage? Your contribution counts. Keep your contribution, or leave it to the Elastic Punch Extended Archive collection for non-profit purposes, and it becomes part of an art project