Twitter project allows you to witness East German Uprising “live”



A historical Twitter project commemorates the 65th anniversary of a people’s uprising in the former East Germany.

The project enables you to experience the People’s Uprising of 17 June 1953 in East Germany in ‚real time‘. On 17 June 2018 – the 65th anniversary of the uprising – 7 fictitious East German citizens will tweet about what they are experiencing, as if it were 1953 (six tweet in German, one tweets in English). Thus, the story of the uprising will be told. This project is based on years of academic primary and secondary research. The project is pitched at a level that makes the subject accessible for all.

The main Twitter account for this project is @17juni1953live with the accompanying website:


The project is run by Dr Richard Millington of the University of Chester.

State, Society and Memories of the Uprising of 17 June 1953 in the GDR (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)
Twitter: ‘EastGermanyOnline’ – @DDROnline ​