Category – Years 12-13 (Cardinal Newman College Preston)

First Prize: Francesca Martin on the Beatles in Hamburg

Click here to see Francesca’s entry: Martin

This was a really engaging and informative presentation of what the Beatles owe Germany, and it was written in an accurate German that the judges would be pleased to find in their first-year university students. We really enjoyed everything about this, well done!

Second Prize: Jan-Kay Cheung on scientists and musicians in Manchester

Click here to see Jan-Kay’s entry: CheungJ

The judges really liked the scope of this entry, which took us  from 19th-century German scientists in Manchester to the 21st-century phenomenon of Krautrock in British pubs and clubs. There are so many ways of being German in the North West!

Honourable mentions:

Honorable mentions: these students also produced some really creative, wide-ranging work. The judges felt that just a little more linguistic accuracy was needed, but this is not to detract from the achievements.


Heather Alder on Marxism and Manchester

Click here to see Heather’s entry: AlderH

You’ll see that this entry is a wonderful fit with our exhibition, as it explains how Karl Marx’s time in Manchester affected Marxist thought, which would go on to spread around the world. We hope today’s exhibition will inspire you further!

Mary Curwen on the Hobbit:

Click here to see Mary’s entry: CurwenM

This was a really creative approach to looking for German links in the North West – the judges were very impressed by the way you analysed key features of the Hobbit through the author’s experience of War. You have a bright future ahead of you on any languages, literary or history degree!


Isabel Higginson on unemployment

Click here for Isabel’s entry: HigginsonI

Emma Gerraty on various NW connections (nicely illustrated)

Click here for Emma’s entry: GerratyE

Higginson and Gerraty – these entries were really nicely presented, used good, accurate German, and included thought-provoking facts about how Germany and the North West are closer than you might think. They round off the depth and breadth shown across the year 12 &13 category really nicely.