Category – Years 7-9 (Blue Coat School Oldham)

First Prize:  Aisha Djalo  and Zoe Croft


The first prize winners of the Year 7-9 competition to write a postcard went to Zoe Croft and Aisha Djalo (Blue Coat School Oldham). The postcard was full of good ideas and showed a range of links between Germany and the Northwest of England. Their work was very accurate with good use of different tenses.

Second Prize:  Stephanie Voong

Here: Voong, S

Second Prize went to Stephanie Voong (Blue Coat School Oldham) who wrote an accurate and creative postcard full of interesting adjectives and the entertaining touch of Hugo the dog learning about all things German.

Honourable mention:  Matthew Riddell

Here: Riddell, M

Special mention goes to Matthew Riddell (Blue Coat School Oldham) for inventive content and illustrations.