Current postgraduate placements through UKTI

Actiphons in Bolton Actiphons is an innovative system of phonics teaching being trialled at EYFS and KS1 in UK schools. The methodology combines kinaesthetic, visual and auditory learning.  The company is seeking to develop the learning system for international education systems. Placement aim: To conduct research into English speaking countries outside UK, the phonetic systems […]

Chemnitz – The Saxon Manchester

Chemnitz, one of Germany’s fastest growing cities, distinguishes itself as a location for high-tech development combined with the spirit of innovation, which made Chemnitz a hub of industrialisation as far back as 150 years ago. This led to Chemnitz’s nickname of “Saxon Manchester” and the parallel industrial history is one of the reasons, why Chemnitz […]

DAAD Translation Competition

Translation Competition on Annett Gröschner’s novel WALPURGISTAG A competition in conjunction with the ENCOUNTERS series at the IMLR that will be hosting the Berlin writer Annett Gröschner and her translator Katy Derbyshire Secondary school pupils, undergraduates, postgraduates and anybody else who feels up to the challenge of translating a short passage of German literature into […]

University Students’ Year-Abroad Essays

On this page, you can see examples of the kinds of essays university students studying German write, and you can also learn about the experiences they have during their year abroad.     Sarah Dale studies French and German at Lancaster University. She spent 9 months in Freisen (Saarland) as an English language assistant at a […]

Professional Development Tour for British Teachers of History to Berlin, Germany

The German Embassy is pleased to announce the following call for applications: Professional Development Tour for British Teachers of History to Berlin, Germany 25th – 30th October 2015    The purpose of the trip is to give participants a wide-ranging impression of present-day Germany as a background for teaching German history in UK schools. The trip will […]

Exhibition and Language Learning: Umdenken – von der Natur lernen

The Goethe-Institut London welcomes teachers and students to the exhibition Umdenken – von der Natur lernen, which highlights the four elements – earth, water, air and fire. It presents surprising facts, positive as well as negative examples, that create an emotional access to the topic. Using interactive elements this exhibition engages pupils directly and showcases what […]

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