The Postgraduates for International Business scheme

logoThis is a service provided by UK Trade & Investment to broker links between exporters and graduate/students with language skills. It has been running for approximately 6 months in the North West and during this time our network supporter Sara Knowles from UK Trade & Investment has handled 45 applications from companies, more than 20% of which have been requests for German speakers. As the programme develops Sara expects the demand for German speakers will continue to grow. Companies require German speakers (preferably native speakers or highly competent G2 speakers), preferably with experience of living/working in Germany and with knowledge of how to do business there and handle cultural nuances. Typical assignments or roles require a combination of German with:


  1. Business Studies and Marketing
  2. Engineering
  3. Website development
  4. Arts/Graphic design

The opportunities tend to be, but are not exclusively, graduate level. Often the requirement is for part-time work (alongside studies) or for fixed term projects, but UK Trade & Investment have also handled opportunities for long term graduate employment.


Details about the programme can be found HERE and a sample application can be found HERE. Right-click on the links (‘Here’) and select ‘open link in new tab’ to access materials.


The Postgraduates for International Business scheme
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