Kafka in Manchester

kafkas monkeyColin Teevan’s adaptation of Kafka’s ‘A Report to an Academy’ opened this week at Manchester’s brand new Cinema and Theatre venue HOME.

Directed by Walter Meierjohann and starring Kathryn Hunter, the production is a stunning piece of physical theatre as well as a faithful tribute to Kafka’s story.


photoOn 18 June a post-show panel discussion explored the story’s historical contexts, civilizational critique and prophetic vision. Kathryn Hunter’s performance oscillates between the pathos and humour of this story of an ape’s accelerated evolution into human being, which leaves ambiguous how desirable his destination really is. Kathryn Hunter, Walter Meierjohann, Jackie Stacey (University of Manchester), Margaret Littler (University of Manchester) and Laura McMahon (Cambridge University) took part in the after-show panel discussion.



For more information on the production follow this link…

Kafka’s Monkey

“★★★★★ Extraordinary… Its humour and pathos [is] brilliantly handled by Hunter.” – Manchester Evening News

“★★★★ Kathryn Hunter manages to make every single aspect of Kafka’s original story leap from the page and come to life with an absorbing, physically superb and most poignant performance.” – The Public Reviews


Kafka in Manchester
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