Current postgraduate placements through UKTI

  • Actiphons in Bolton

Actiphons is an innovative system of phonics teaching being trialled at EYFS and KS1 in UK schools. The methodology combines kinaesthetic, visual and auditory learning.  The company is seeking to develop the learning system for international education systems.

Placement aim:

To conduct research into English speaking countries outside UK, the phonetic systems they have in place and how they differ from teaching Synthetic Phonics to children in England.


Kathryn Austerberry

07803 064090

  • PowerStar UK

PowerStar UK is a supplier of health and fitness products based in Cheadle, near Stockport. The company is already exporting to several markets and is seeking to grow its export business in USA, Middle Eastern, European and Asian markets.

The aim of the role is to grow international e-commerce sales by providing practical support to the development of the company’s website.

Contact: Jabran Soni (Director)

0161 491 6198

  • Q Oil

Q Oil manufactures in the UK, a range of specialist, high quality aerosol oils which lubricate, displace water, clean, protect and stop rust. Applications are wide including machinery, vehicles (car, motorcycle, bus & truck), public transport (trains, trams, aircraft) and switchgear (low & high voltage). Used by maintenance workshops and enthusiasts worldwide to keep their equipment running smoothly.

Q20 competes in Europe as an alternative to WD40 and other products such as GT85, AC90 and Wurth 20/40. The market is very crowded for water displacing oils and general purpose lubricants but we believe we have a stand out product in Q20.

A small company with 2 employees and turnover below £1m based in Denton Manchester.

Exports are to 21 markets, mostly in Europe with obvious gaps in Germany and Poland. Research and support is needed to get the required contacts and interest to launch in these markets.

Contact: Chris Lomas (Director)

07905 793330

  • Turtle Fur

Turtle Fur is a well-established business that manufactures and supplies ski-wear and related products. The company already sells its products internationally and is seeking to expand its market in Europe and USA.

The aim of the role is to help the company to significantly increase export sales via the company’s website and e-commerce platforms by assisting with market research, product localisation and marketing activities such as developing social media marketing.The role is available from September 2015 for around 36 hours per week

Contact: Charlotte Lingard (Director)

07803 888 288


Current postgraduate placements through UKTI
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