Düsseldorf Trip – March 2015

A report by Ben Sagar and Archie Urey, Year 9

Hutton Grammar School, Preston

Having studied German for one and a half years in Years 7 and 8, Year 8 pupils at Hutton were excited to put what they had learnt into practise. 4:00am; 40 tired lads trudged onto the Holmeswood coach, eyes bulging from only six hours sleep. The coach trip seemed to take ten minutes, probably because there wasn’t a set of open eyes. (If there was, it would be Shay listening to his “sick tunes”; the earphones were stuck in his ears for the full three days!).


Our thoughts about the coming flight were a mix of nervousness and thrill after hearing the terrible news about the GermanWings plane crash just days before. We got through safe and sound though, much to the delight of our teaching staff!

When we arrived we were immediately surrounded by native German culture which we had only read about in the Echo textbook. We were also met by a wonderful guide, who guided us through exciting streets of German history. A long, tiring journey across Düsseldorf suddenly turned into a swoop through the mesmerizing past of the city. We trekked back to the Youth Hostel, tired and heavy in our boots, ready for a good meal; it turned out not to be for everyone. It seemed that not everyone was able to adapt to the different flavours and tastes the large food hall had to offer, but the boys who did enjoy the food had a great time at dinner!


The days that followed were a blur of excitement: a nail biting journey up the Düsseldorf TV tower, where we were able to order doughnuts and cakes in German. A scour through the cultural markets allowed us to buy German sausages (Bratwurste), using what we had learnt in lessons. We visited ,,der Kölner Dom” and sampled ,,Schokolade” at the chocolate museum. We visited a wonderful water park, where everyone had a great time, but we were disappointed to find out we only had an hour! On the final night of our stay in Deutschland we had a heated game of bowling, where the competitiveness really flared out of some players! We all travelled back to camp, exhausted after an action packed three days of fun, ready for the thrills and spills of Phantasialand.


Knock knock knock..Mrs Martin pounds on the wooden doors of the hostel; 40 boys moan and practically fall out of bed, still tired from the night before. We didn’t know how much fun would be in store for us when we reached the theme park.

It was a brilliant day; everyone was happy about the amount of freedom we were allowed on the rides. Our heads were still twisting and turning from the Black Mamba and the Talocan.

This was certainly a trip we will never forget and it will stay in our memories forever!




Düsseldorf Trip – March 2015
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