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learners_undergradKeeping up with the German-language press, listening to German radio or watching German-language TV online is an excellent way of improving your language skills. See our Media page for suggestions and links.

The Third Year Abroad website is packed with advice and tips for a successful and enjoyable time abroad, be it on your gap year, university year abroad, or later:

The experiences of current and former undergraduates are available on our Student Profiles page.

Learning Vocabulary

Learning Vocabulary is key to getting to grips with German, and there are now a number of online tools to make this easier – and more fun!

The Goethe-Institut offers a vocabulary trainer app.

On the Study Stack website, you can test yourself on existing sets of virtual flashcards and even build your own set – particularly useful for testing yourself on words you’ve recently learnt.

Anki is open-source (i.e. free) software for vocabulary learning, that comes highly recommended by Oxford undergraduates.

Learning Grammar

Learning German grammar is often perceived to be very difficult. The University of Kent has been developing an interactive online German grammar – Shortcuts in German Grammar – to show how easy it can be! This open ended project provides access to simple explanations, a terminological glossary and a set of exercises.

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