February 21: Melbourne/Manchester Collaborative Research “Censorship in the GDR”

ALL WELCOME!!   Melbourne/Manchester Collaborative Research Censorship under Communism: Institutions and Agents of Control in Literary Communication in the German Democratic Republic   First Workshop Manchester 21 February 2017 10.30am – 5pm Venue: C138, Ellen Wilkinson Building (Meeting Room HCRI)     10.30 Alison Lewis and Steve Parker: Introduction to the Project 10.45 Alison Lewis: […]

Defying Dementia: A panel discussion

On Thursday, January 26th 2017, the panel discussion Defying Dementia took place at the Peter Scott Gallery at Lancaster University. The event was chaired by Nick Fragel and saw Austrian author Arno Geiger, clinical researcher Dr Penny Foulds and Professor of Design Paul Rodgers come together and discuss ways of living with dementia.   In […]

Defying Dementia: Austrian author Arno Geiger at Lancaster University on January 26

Arno Geiger’s gripping memoir The Old King in his Exile dwells on the story of the author’s father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and his efforts to reach out to him. As conventional communication fails, new forms of sharing and understanding have to be found. This honest account of a taboo subject raises unavoidable questions […]

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